Training Packages

Training Packages are $250.00. While each training package has exercises for everyone there is some customization for you!

Puppy Primer
Congratulations on your puppy! Let’s get you and your puppy off to a good start. This package includes a one hour consultation and three private one hour training sessions. Your puppy will learn basic manners such as how to greet other people politely and come to you when called. This is a wonderful opportunity to work directly with a trainer and learn some basic principles of training. This is ideal if you and your puppy struggled with puppy class or were not able to attend class.

Adolescence Package
The Adolescence Package is specially designed for dogs ages six-twelve months old going through that challenging stage that makes pet parents exhausted. Take a Bow can help with counter surfing, jumping up on people and demand barking. The focus of this package is to teach impulse control so excersises vary and increase in difficulty depending on where and your dog are at. This package includes a one hour consultation and three one hour lessons.

Loose Leash Walking
Are you tired of your dog pulling you on walks? contact Take a Bow to sign up for the LLW training package. This includes three private one hour training sessions to help you and your dog enjoy walks again.